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Facade Access System


Facade Access Systems

Permanent Systems: These cradles are used to access the facade of any building structure especially high rise buildings for building maintenance. 

Our Products are classified under two Series:

The P10 Series:

- Pioneer Davit Systems

- Pioneer Monorail Systems

- Pioneer Gantry Systems

- Pioneer P10 Series Roof Mounted Systems

The P50 Series:

- Pioneer P50 Series Roof Mounted Systems

Temporary Systems: These systems are used to access the facade of any building structure during construction as well as for temporary maintenance. 

- Pioneer Suspension Rigs Systems

- Parapet clamps


Cranes and Lifting Solutions


Cranes and Lifting Solutions

- Fabrication of customized lifting units
- Standard jib cranes
- EOT Cranes
- Overhead Gantry Cranes
- Traction Hoists
- Vacuum Glass and Panel Lifters
- Mini Cranes
- Jigs

- I Beam
- Monorail Tack
- Pipes and box sections
- etc


Waste Manangement


Waste Management

- Garbage Chutes

- Linen Chutes

- Debris Chutes

- Odor Management

- Compactors

- Waste Bins