Our Products and Services

From Planning, Designing, Tendering, Construction, Procurement, and Installation – we help our client on all of these and more timely completion of every project – however small and big it is.

We play an important dependable role in providing our expertise, services and products with innovative ideas and concepts in the field of:

With more than ten decades of cumulative experience in this field, we offer a wide array of systems and solutions to suit the building requirements, meeting the clients requirements and expectation combined with an international quality and safety for a long term performance. Façade access systems provide a versatile way of accessing any area of the building without the use of the contemporary scaffolds. We provide a range of methodologies to use such equipment for temporary purposes as well as permanent systems.

We provide consultancy for various access solutions especially in the field of permanent Façade Access Systems as well as construction purposes.


We provide an array of customizable lifting solutions, which are manufactured and assembled to the Requirements in-house. There are many methodologies to ensure a safe and efficient manner of Designing and using of lifting equipment from small portable cranes or jibs to large overhead cranes And gantry cranes for commercial and industrial purposes. Contact us for further details on any type of bespoke lifting solution.

The Pioneer Material Lifting Portable Jib Crane R1500 can be used in construction sites, workshops, Loading and unloading docks, open yard, etc. to provide a lightweight and heavy lifting solution where No overhead support like tower cranes, overhead cranes are available. The mast can be adjusted to Several heights on site, depending on the requirement. This System is equipped with the traction hoist To create an efficient material handling solution with maximum space utilization with a carrying Capacity of 1500kg.

Any special design is available upon request.


  • 180 degrees operation
  • Indoor & Outdoor application loading & unloading docks, machining and assembly area
  • Open areas where portable jib cranes several areas
  • Economically move materials within an individual workstation or between work areas
  • Almost effortless manual slewing system
  • Quick & easier installation
  • Any Special design is available upon request


Consultancy: We provide consultancy services for:

1. Facade Access Systems

   -   Tender documents preparation

2. Access Solutions

  -   For any height or tight spaces.

Maintenance: We provide various maintenance services for:

1. Facade Access Systems (Building Maintenance Systems)

    -    On a contract basis for either yearly or monthly.

    -    Individual inspection and 3rd party certification

3. Cranes & Lifting equipments

4. Revolving Doors

5. Sliding Doors

6. Elevators

Fabrication: We can manufacture and fabricate any steel or aluminum work at our fully equipped workshop, keeping quality in mind and in an efficient manner.

Our in-house fabrication guarantees a certifiable quality of service, helping in getting a good product at a reasonable cost. 


With extensive experience, knowledge and skills we are fully equipped to undertake any type of Fabrication and bending works of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum material and profiles.

We can cater your structural, architectural and any bespoke fabrication requirements. Some of the references to the jobs we do are:

  1. I-Beam Bending (Start from radius -2500mm onwards)
  2. Pipe bending from 1-inch up to 6-inches (Radius start from 1000mm onwards)
  3. Angle bar bending (Radius start from 1000mm onwards)
  4. Channel Bending (Radius start from 1000mm onwards)
  5. Bending of Aluminum Profile
  6. Build-up section like I-Beams, Channels, Bars, etc. (Straight or curved)
  7. Signage Steel Structures
  8. Waiting Shed Steel Structures
  9. Steel Ramps etc.
  10. Stair case, Platforms, Handrails etc.
  11. Structural of Welding works as per AWS D1.1
  12. Glass Lifting Jigs/ Fixtures
  13. Mould for all applications and shapes for concrete blocks, bridge works or any other infrastructure requirement etc.
  14. Support structures for ceilings, canopies, atriums, etc.
  15. Fabrication of any type of brackets and clamps / pipe supports.
  16. Fabrication of Light to Heavy Steel Structures.